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Meet the Bulldog Kids family

When Bulldog was established in 2007, the goal was to create a safe, positive space for children and youth to thrive physically, socially and emotionally by encouraging positive self esteem, physical activity, leadership skills and team work. When we took the reins of the company our focus gradually shifted towards childcare while still holding to the ideals the company was founded on.

We strongly believe that we laid a great foundation for a program that could support the development of children while utilizing play to stimulate learning. Our programs grew exponentially from there, with so much creativity and passion that we quickly started attracting brilliant educators determined to make an impression. We were united in our belief that children who are taught to enjoy learning, who are led with passion and who are encouraged to be themselves will grow up to be the kind of leaders future generations could look up to.

In 2017 we fulfilled a long time dream of moving our small centre to a space that we believe has limitless potential. We walked into the vacant school to envision colourful vibrant classrooms full of laughter and learning. A large bright gymnasium where we could shake all our sillies out. And a large outdoor space where we could make mud pies, grow our own gardens, make new friends and promote outdoor education. It was love, and big dreams for the future, at first sight.

Together we have built a safe place for children to explore learning, to push themselves academically and to develop their social skills. A vibrant and positive work environment where open communication, collaboration and passion are evident. We are proud of the team we have assembled, we are proud of what we have built - a place where educators are valued for their role in developing and shaping young minds. Where children are valued for their uniqueness and where their development is our main focus.

Together we will continue on our mission to create change, to incite passion and to help grow young minds capable of making a positive impact on the world.

Amy Arbour & Brent Minty Co-Owners / Operators



Program Supervisor, RECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training, Food Handling Certification


Facility Coordinator, F Class License, CPR-C w/ AED Training, Food Handling Certification


Interim Program Supervisor, RECE, High Five, CPR-C w/ AED Training

Toddler Team


ECA, High 5, CPR-C w/ AED Training


RECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training

Jung Ju

ECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training


ECA, CPR-C w/ AED Training


RECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training


RECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training

Preschool Team


ECA, currently studying ECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training


RECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training


ECA, currently studying ECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training


RECE, CPR-C w/ AED Training


ECA, CYW, CPR-C w/ AED Training


ECA, CPR-C w/ AED Training

Kinder Prep Program

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Now Hiring