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Mental Health in Youth

March 23, 2021

In this modern era, life is moving so fast. With the pandemic everyone is trying to provide the best for their family. Balancing it all can be hard. Especially if you are working from home and looking after your children at same time. Parents like yourself, may also be facing many challenges when trying to maintain a routine and structure in the household. During these challenging times it is our kids that get affected the most.

Every child is unique and the way they deal with stress and changes in life is important to their development and future. Changes often act as triggers. Some things a young child may face are, moving houses or schools, the birth of a new sibling or shift in routine at home. For example there may be one child who will show excitement when starting a new school and love to meet new people but another child may show anxiety when entering into new environment.


Why mental health is important?

The emotional well being of children is just as important as physical health. Good mental health helps children to develop resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults. 

Positive factors that contribute to a child’s mental health:

• Feeling valued: The most important factor is feeling loved and trusted by family, as well as showing them that they are valued and safe. 

• Play: This is the second major element. Giving children opportunities to enjoy themselves and explore their ideas through play in both an indoor and outdoor environment can build towards a healthy mind.

• Acceptance:  Accepting kids for who they are and recognizing what they are good at helps them to develop self-esteem .

• Sense of belonging: Parents and educators must help kids to develop a sense of belonging in their family, schools and community. 

• Family changes: Any changes that happen in a child’s family whether it is the addition or separation of parents we must make sure that the child’s relationship, love and care are not affected.


If you are going through any stresses or changes at home and you are worried about how it might affect your little one please talk to us 

We all are happy to help however we can!

Manpreet Kaur
RECE, Treetop Room

Bulldog KIDS

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