Potty Training 101

I have been through potty training twice and it’s exhausting but like everything else that comes along with parenting, you’ll get through this. I have two girls, and this is my experience with potty training. You can take these tips and use them on your toddler/preschooler. While I am no expert hopefully my experience can help alleviate some frustration for your family.. 


1. You and your toddler/preschooler have to be ready to be in charge of potty training. Keep in mind your child is going to follow your lead, so if you are not ready to commit 100% and get rid of diapers then they won’t be ready either. Find a long weekend or free time where you can do nothing but potty train. Nothing planned at all, no visits and don’t leave your house. Find the perfect date in your calendar and tell yourself “You are ready!”

2. Take your child shopping days before and have him/her pick big girl/boy undies and a potty seat as well. Have him/her pick a cute potty insert seat and a stool. While you are shopping with your little one, buy a foldable potty insert for the days you are out and about with your child. My daughters didn’t want to use big toilets without their seats. I discovered foldable potty seats and it made travelling easier, specifically when potty training. Plus they are easy to disinfect and put in a plastic bag and keep in your purse. 

3. Get some potty books so you can read and explain what is happening while they sit on the potty. Take them to the potty 15/20 minutes and yes they will pee through a million pairs of underwear (don’t give up). Once they realize every time they pee, you run them to the potty. It will start to sink and they will get it. Remember- “DO NOT GIVE UP”

Ok, this is where it gets tricky! Be sure to say “Do you have to go potty?” And even if they say “No” still take them. They will most likely always say no in the beginning. Take them anyways because it’s a way to teach them the phrase “Go potty” and eventually catch on and use it. 

4. This is HUGE! Reward them, my girls loved sticker charts. But you can use treats, toys or whatever works best for your little one. Even if you catch them starting to pee and then they finish in the potty, make a huge deal and give them a treat/reward and always say how proud you are that they peed in the potty. I used potty charts with my girls and for every time they made it to the potty, I gave them a sticker. Just remember to put the potty chart somewhere they can see it the most. 


I believe the key to potty training is CONSISTENCY, the more you do it the better it will get. Don’t stress yourself out about it, as long as you are consistent with it they catch on and eventually be potty trained. 

Remember, you both have to be ready to take this journey together. 


Hang in there and good luck on your potty training adventure! 


Karla Andrade

RECE, Toddler Teacher

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