To take children seriously is to value them for who they are right now rather than adults in the making. Alfie Kohn

Elementary Daily Outline

  • Before School Care
  • Mathematics
  • Snack
  • Recess
  • Science/Social Studies/Phys.Ed/Art/French
  • Lunch
  • Language
  • Snack
  • Recess
  • Passion Project, Science/Social Studies/Phys Ed/Art/French
  • Afterschool Care

Private Education (Grade 1-8)

This is the humble beginning of an educational journey that has been our long-term vision from the very start. A collaboration of passionate and intelligent minds who believe that education is a skill in itself. That a child who learns how to educate themselves can grow to be a true leader. A confident, empathetic and knowledgeable leader who has an appreciation and understanding for the world around them.

We are creating change makers, innovators, politicians and leaders. Our belief is that encouraging a love for life long learning creates youth who are motivated to stand out, excited to develop their skill set and passionate about making real change. Education begins with reading and writing but is enhanced and broadened by real life experiences and awareness of the world around us. At Bulldog KIDS Academy our goal is to deliver the Ontario Education Curriculum while enhancing it’s content through real-life applications and social context.

In class, we cover all the same subjects (listed below) offered in Public Education. In addition, we also place emphasis on outdoor education and tie it in with experiential learning opportunities. We lace many different teaching styles into our classrooms to ensure that instruction is best suited for each and every one of our students

What We Teach

Language Arts

Reading, writing, and oral communication are essential skills that we place into all of our programming. Students are continually given opportunities to vocalize their thoughts, feelings, and inquiries in a variety of styles. It is our belief that all students have a voice and it is essential for their scholarly success to find that voice and let it be heard. We encourage our students to express themselves and their creative process through all of the related language skills.


We emphasize Math and the mathematical thinking process when it comes to everyday activities. We look to immerse our students in real life situations that require math so that they can understand the importance of mathematical literacy. On top of all of the essential math skills, we also introduce students into modern areas of mathematics like coding and financial literacy.


Science is used as a tool to drive student inquiry and research. Our science classes act as perfect opportunities to experiment and investigate the world around us. We aim to match every inquiry with a learning experience that not only helps students to understand scientific questions but leaves them eager to discover more.

Social Studies/History/Geography

Social studies, history, and geography are used to help understand identity and place. We aim to focus on related subjects from local, regional, national, and global standpoints. Our aim is to make our students conscientious global citizens who are self-aware, but also have deep understandings of other cultures and ways of life. Our program also places a large importance on Indigenous studies, focusing on truth and reconciliation.

Teaching Philosophy

As teachers, the priority in our classroom is always the students. This accounts for their physical and mental wellbeing, their socio-emotional skills, and their interest in learning. Our goal, first and foremost, is to create a fun environment for the students. We believe that learning can’t truly happen until the students feel excited about learning.

This can be done through a variety of ways, but the two we find most effective are inquiry-based and experiential learning opportunities. Our programs rely on student interest to thrive.

By taking students interests and relating them to the curriculum, we are able to give students an opportunity to learn about what is relevant to them, creating a more memorable learning experience.

Our overall goal is to turn students into life-long learners who love and yearn to learn.


Our Core French program works towards the goals from A Framework for French as a Second Language in Ontario Schools, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (Ministry of Education) to:

1. Increase student confidence, proficiency, and achievement in FSL.

2. Increase the percentage of students studying FSL until graduation.

3. Increase student, educator, parent, and community engagement in FSL.

In Ontario and throughout Canada, many jobs require skills in both French and English. Even when it is not a mandatory requirement, French can be a valuable asset in work that involves interacting with the public.

Besides creating more work options and the potential to earn a higher income, learning French helps to strengthen first-language skills and establishes a solid foundation for learning additional languages. Studies have shown that learning more than one language has a positive effect on the development of problem solving and creative-thinking abilities.

Additional personal benefits include a heightened appreciation for French culture in Canada and around the world, a broadening of global perspectives, and increased opportunities for international travel and study as well as a general understanding and acceptance of diversity.

The Arts (Music, Dance, Drama, and Visual Arts)

Our arts program is our main source of creative learning. We offer students complete freedom to experiment with their own creative process, encouraging them to adventure and experiment with multiple styles of expression. Our goal is to empower student confidence, voice, and expression. Our arts program is an interactive and engaging program that helps students discover artistic fundamentals with their own creative process.

Physical Education and Healthy Living

Healthy living habits are something that we deem essential at Bulldog Kids Academy. We want to guide our students into a health-conscious lifestyle that they will want to maintain for the rest of their lives. This includes healthy-eating habits, exercise and fitness, goal setting, mental and physical health, hygiene, and sexual education.


Homework is a part of school life. Homework provides students with an opportunity to consolidate their learning and to complete work that they may not be able to finish in school. We aim to give students ample time to complete their work while at school so that when they are home they can focus on other areas of interest to them. If, however, students choose to not use the class time they are given productively, they will be required to bring their work home and have it finished for the start of the next day.


Assessment is important for documenting student success and growth while at school. That is all we want it to be. We use many forms of assessment to cater to different students’ needs. Our main goal with assessment is to model and exemplify a students growth through all areas of their education. We don’t want to use assessment in a way that intimidates or makes students anxious. We aim to have our students excited about showing off what they know and what they have learned. It is our belief that students all learn in different ways, so to assess them all the same is not fair to the student and their success.