Summer Camp

When we make play the foundation of learning, we teach the whole child​​​​​​.Vince Gowmon

Upcoming Summer Camps

Due to COVID-19 regulations, Bulldog Christmas Camps will only be offered to full time afterschool program students for the 2021 holidays. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Bulldog Summer Camp Registration will open on February 1st! Ages 4-10.

Leadership Development Camps are back for Summer 2022 and is offered for youth 9-14 years of age!

Kinder Dino & Pirate Room Ages 4 to 5 

Our Kinder Summer Camp is all about having fun and keeping the school rhythm going. Our discovery based camp is designed to be structured and educational while allowing children to explore, play and have fun.

Ministry Licensed Program


High Five® Registered Summer Camp Ages 6 to 12

Registration opens February 1st 2022


High Five® Registered Bulldog Leadership Camp Ages 9 to 14

Registration opens February 1st 2022